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 Share your love of our skincare products with your audience...

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To apply, please read and familiarize yourself with our affiliate program’s Terms & Conditions.


CLICK HERE to sign up! Once your profile has been submitted, we’ll review the details and email you back with details if we're interested in having you on the team. 


If accepted, you will receive an email with the details of the program and the confirmation of your acceptance!

You earn 10% commission when you start with us (before shipping and taxes) on Depending on your performance and consistency terms can be re-negotiated for a higher commission!

You just need to send people to the site with your coupon code to use at checkout. If friends, family, or followers make a purchase using your unique coupon code, you get a percentage of that sale.

Consistently post organic content about our skincare products to drive sales/traffic.

We’ll know when traffic and sales are coming from you – no matter how many times you post, or about which products. We currently only offer coupon codes (no referral links).

If you are accepted into the program we send you a monthly gift card to our store to purchase our products in exchange for creative content/promoting your code. We offer access to those who have high quality content on their social pages and like-minded individuals who support a brand they believe in!

There is a small minimum requirement to post on your stories/feed every month which will be discussed beforehand. However the more you post and your followers see the brand the chances of you getting more sales are high!

The sky is the limit on how much you can earn!

There are so many individuals just waiting to discover their own radiance and find a skincare brand that works for them. This is your opportunity to ignite their spark while earning some extra income and supporting a brand you use yourself & believe in!

You earn commission on sales you’ve generated (before shipping and taxes) at

You’ll be the first to know about upcoming promotions, specials and new products. No administrative work- we track it all for you on our end!

Our ambassador program is made up of a small and elite group of like-minded individuals. We don’t just hand out access to anyone!

Yes, you can promote other brands along with Divulge Beauty! We don't want to limit anyone. There is no requirement for how many times you post about our products.

Being an ambassador is free, you get access to free products and even earn commission on sales you bring in!

However since there is limited space, if no sales are made under your account in 45 days you may be removed from the program.

If you want to leave the program, please reach out to and ask to be removed from our program.

Going forward, no commissions will be paid to that account.

Send us an email at we'd love to hear from you!

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