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Countless dermatologists and "professionals" were no help either, I had to become my own superhero. I'm not putting everyone in the same category, but they aren't all created equal, I believe if you've never lived with skin issues then you can't help nor will you ever understand the struggle. 

I was a product-hopper looking for a cure but nothing seemed to work for me long term, it would get better before it got worse (as I'm sure many of you have experienced).

I was let down by the brands and products that claimed to be "organic," "dermatologist-tested," "non-comedogenic," or "hypo-allergenic" only to see their ingredient lists full of obvious offenders like synthetics, irritants, dyes, and fragrances. There are definitely more brands breaking those barriers now.

However even today there are still missing parts of the picture. There is another major issue tons of skincare companies still fail to see which are comedogenic oils! I couldn't find products for myself without discovering it contained more than 3-5+ oils on the ingredient lists that are highly comedogenic.

Trying to find products without irritating ingredients on top of multiple pore-clogging oils proved to be a challenge- there was hardly anything on the market!

We all know it only takes one ingredient to ruin a product, and so I created Divulge Beauty.

Hard lessons learned and tons of products later I taught myself about safe ingredients and created my own line of products without all the obvious offenders and highly comedogenic oils. Once I eliminated these problem ingredients from my regimen, my skin started becoming brighter, clearer and more vibrant.

I wanted effective skincare products that contained ingredients I could trust, control and depend on and creating Divulge Beauty was my way of fixing the bigger picture. This line is everything I would want as a customer: only necessary and effective ingredients without the need for fillers and fluff, no flamboyant marketing, and understanding that products are just one piece of the puzzle.

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