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Are you one of those people who notices oil production 30 minutes after washing your face and by the end of the day it seems someone can just glide across the rink on your face. Does your makeup practically “sweat” off your face? There are so many people who struggle with oily skin, and typically with oily skin also comes larger and more noticeable pores.

So what exactly are the causes of oily skin?

The two main factors as to why we have oily skin are due to genetics or hormones. In addition, hormones can cause our sebaceous glands to go into overdrive producing excessive amounts of oil. Unfortunately genes aren’t tweak-able. Our body produces oil to help keep our skin soft and supple, but if too much is produced it can also lead to breakouts.

Here are some ways you can cut down on the shine:

  • Don’t over cleanse (no more than 2x a day)
  • Wash with lukewarm water, not hot water
  • Improve your diet and lifestyle
  • Get enough sleep
  • Reduce your stress (this helps with the hormones)
  • Use powder makeup instead of liquid foundation
  • Use a toner without alcohol
  • Use the right moisturizer with the right oils for your skin (non-comedogenic)
  • Try a clay mask a couple times a week (but don’t over-do it and dry out your skin)
  • Remember sun protection
  • Try vitamin A or salicylic acid

There is good news when it comes to oily skin though! When you have oily skin your face is aging slower, resulting in less fine lines and wrinkles since it is lubricated. So one day you may actually be thankful for your oiliness!

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